123 experience

Individual course
Video based
No coaches
Great to start! Build easy and engaging video courses with Friend interaction.

123 is a turnkey methodology developed by TopChretien France, that was tested to work well in situations when there is no Coaches available. It’s a combination of individual course with a Friend option and some special types of slides. The content of the Course is based on the video and is divided into Days (Day 1, Day 2, Day 3…). Every Day has three Slides:

  1. Watch

  2. Apply

  3. Share

Watch contains a video which is the main content of a Day. Slide can also play optional audio file to complement the experience. Below the video there is a “Comment” section where all Students enrolled in the course can share their comments. 

Apply is a slide that helps Student to better understand the video. It can have up to four questions that should lead Student to think about practical implications of the watched content. Answers to that questions are visible just to the student (default) or can be also emailed to Friend (option).

Share is an invitation to write a short summary of the day and share that with a Friend. Adding a Friend is optional (for Student) but we’ve noticed that it increases the Course completion ratio.

As this is the complete methodology there are some limitations as far as Course structure. Course Administrator can add “Days” which have fixed structure of Watch, Apply and Share slides. Some configuration options allow to limit access to “Days” based on the calendar and share “Apply” answers with Friend.