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The Intriguing origin of Jesus

The Intriguing origin of Jesus

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The history of Jesus' ancestors is by no means idyllic. Learn for free about the turbulent family history, scandals, the discrepancies in documents, and ... extraordinary evidence of God's faithfulness.

Did you know that there are two genealogies of Jesus that contain somewhat varying ancestral names? It looks as if there was someone building their own family tree and wrote two versions of it. Moreover, the Gospel of Luke mentions that Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit in Mary's womb. How, then, is it possible that genealogies of Jesus' ancestors were created at all?

We invite you to a course in which we will discover the reason for the creation of the family trees of Jesus, and have a look at them. Not only is there much of interest,  but we also come across family scandals.  Best of all, we will discover at last how God has taken care in fulfilling His promises over hundreds of years.

What does that have to do with us? More on that at the end of the course.
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