Seek, connect, grow.

In order to grow, we need to have life. Learn to ask the right questions, make new connections and take the first step of the rest of your life.
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Personal Conversation
14 students
Do you have questions about your purpose in life, about God or maybe you need prayer? We’re here for you. Enroll to start talking to one of our e-coaches.
Discover Jesus
56 students
Enroll if you want to learn, why Jesus is so important in Christianity and what it means to have a relationship with Him.
How to read the Bible?
17 students
The Bible is a fascinating book. Learn how to unpack its treasures.​


Growing in knowing God
Do you want to grow in faith? If you do, this course is for you! You are invited!
How to build a healthy faith?
Learn to build and nourish a faith that bears fruit.


E-Coach Training Panel
16 students
Connect with people and inspire them to walk with Jesus
How to talk about God
Learn to navigate friendly conversations that help others develop a personal relationship with God.