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Do You See It?


Isn’t this amazing?! Do you see it? We can all acknowledge the wondrous ability of the brain to see the whole from the parts.

The image title? Miracle of the Brain.

Lots of things work the same way. We fill in the missing dots all the time. We get the implications, the metaphors the subtle hints with every film we watch and every person we speak to.

Perhaps you haven’t thought of it that way but experiencing God’s love for His children works like that too.

He is not going to stand in front of us in all His glory!

Here and there we pick up on signs of great care, hints of protection during trouble-- Like this picture, His care for us seems so splotchy!

“Why would knowing God not be straightforward, all-encompassing blessings if He is so good?” we ask.

Think again... What happens to us fickle humans when good times roll? The happiness we feel flies with the wind, and then the discontent and boredom begin inside.

Just think four-year-old after a few minutes of play… That’s us, at 24,44, or 84.

We want the ‘fix’ of those giddy feelings, the mountain-top high of joy at winning our favorite game.

The feelings then drive our experience not the reality--His presence, His love with us.

God knows what we are. Joy in the gifts is unsustainable while forgetting the Giver. When trouble blots our lives, we know our need for Him, His help, His care.

Our need leads us in the search. Then, as we sense Him listening, our pain drives us to seek His face all the more. We find Him waiting amid hardship and trial. There, He holds us near! Unexpectedly, we find Him and ourselves as well.

“So this is the joy I have been seeking all along?”

His love and care fill in the splotches. We see Him in the miracle of His love.

Step back and look again at His ‘picture.’ Do you see it? The miracle of HIM! What a masterpiece!

Image:  @akiyoshikitaoka at Made in Shoreditch Facebook page.

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 A transplanted Texan with more years in Poland than in the USA.
A retired teacher of English as a foreign language, she loves classical music, hiking in nature, reading, and writing.
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God has given her countless opportunities to see His goodness through the years together with the challenges life has brought. Those lessons are the subject of her writing.Show less

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