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Discover Jesus

Discover Jesus

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942 students
Individual course with coach
Suggested duration: about 5 weeks.
Set out on an intriguing journey of reflection on the person of Jesus and how He can give meaning, purpose and fulfillment to your life.

Why is Jesus so important?

Jesus lived in Israel thousands of years ago, but his life drastically changed the history of the world. Enter into this exciting experience to better understand Who He is and the impact of His death and life on your personal future.

Here are the topics you can explore at your own pace in an anonymous and friendly environment, with a personal assistant we call an e-Coach:

1. What is life really about?

2. What went wrong?

3. Why did He come?

4. How does it concern me?

5. And what next?

This course has helped thousands of people around the world find answers to these and many other questions. It will also inspire you!

Do feel invited!

Not just courses! offers courses, yes, but also people responding to your thoughts within the courses.  When you register, an e-coach, a dedicated volunteer, will be assigned to you and accompany you as you make your way through the sections. 

Growing means releasing your curiosity.  Questions!  The courses ask them and you can too. 

You might have issues from your own life that you wish to share.  Or not.  For these reasons, in a  secure environment, the e-coach is present to help you as much as you need during the learning process.  No pressure here. Full anonimity and a friendly atmosphere are part and parcel with the process of growing your life.

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