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How to pray?

Everyone can pray. This particular experience can fill you with a sense of meaning and purpose in life. Discover how to meet God in prayer every day.

How to pray?
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Key takeaways

Learn to listen and speak to the God who cares!
Discover a new level of prayer!
Personal sharing with an E-coach, a person of prayer!

Course description

Would you like your prayer to be a time to encounter a Person full of love and wisdom?

That person is the God who is described in the Bible. He created the universe and has everything under His control. But more than that.  He knows everything about you.  He also knows all the circumstances that affect your life! 

We cordially invite you to the course where you will learn: 

  • How to establish a relationship with God? 
  • What is prayer and who can pray? 
  • What can I learn from Jesus? 
  • What prayers does God answer?
  • How to start praying?

Every encounter with Him fills me with peace! Every encounter with Him fills with His perfect love! Discovering this will be a great encouragement for you. It is worth living closely with God every day!

Feedback before you start:

The course helped me a lot in looking at my prayer life. I realized that I was holding regret in my heart and got rid of it, and after coming to that decision, at long last I received the heartfelt grace of forgiveness. A very valuable course, thank you with all my heart.


It's great. It encourages reflection and drawing conclusions. It helps to deepen faith.


I'm happy with the course. I didn't expect that the other person you talk to is taking part in the course. I was pleasantly surprised.


I was afraid of this course, I kept my thoughts away from trying it, I was most afraid of correspondence with the E-coach. But it was worth a try, everything was explained in detail. The E-coach turned out to be an experienced person and very helpful in my discovery of what prayer should look like. Now I will pray as I have learned... Thank you and I wish you all the best.


Course content

It's good that you are there!
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Your desires
How does this course work?
What is prayer?
M1 Where to start?
M1 Reflect
Samuel's Answer
Get involved!
M2 Intimacy with God?
What about your relationship with God?
The Doubts of Nicodemus
Dispelling doubts
Explore deeper
What has that got to do with it … ?
Get involved!
Do you know ... ?
M3 What is prayer?
Get involved!
M4 How did Jesus pray?
M4 Discover
Why everyday?
Get involved!
M5 Prayer
Get involved!
M6 Jesus' teachings
Clean heart
God's perspective
Get involved!
M7 Practical tips for today
Planning your daily prayer time
Time to apply
Get involved!
What's next?
Let's summarize
There is more!
What do you think?
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Husband and father of four, Norbert has been instrumental in the creation and development of (Looking for God) as the coordinator of internet courses and an e-trainer. He initiated projects: (Knowing God), DobrePopoł (Good Afternoon) and His passion is reaching out to new people to help them establish a personal relationship with God, become disciples of Jesus and live a life that pleases God. He and his wife, Ewa, are involved in the coordination of these projects, placing emphasis on cooperation and building unity among people and organizations involved in the mission Jesus has given.Show less

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