Growing in knowing God

Growing in knowing God

Individual course with coach
100 days
Inspiring content
Individual with e-coach
Do you want to grow in faith? If you do, this course is for you! You are invited!

You’re invited to take part in the course which will help you to take important steps in becoming Jesus’ disciple.

The course is divided into theme modules:

1. You relationship with God

2. God's gift

3. Daily building up

4. Overcoming difficultes

5. Relationships with believers

Each module is divided into three parts:

Find out - in this part of the course we’ll ask you to familiarize yourself with interesting resources and share your thoughts, answering questions included in the content.

Think it over - it’s time to explore what you’ve already found out and to exchange thoughts with your E-coach, who will inspire you to apply your knowledge in practice.

Apply - here we’ll be encouraging you to write down your practical conclusions which will help you to follow Jesus every day.

If you have any questions, use a contact form by clicking 'Contact' at the bottom of the page.

We’re cordially inviting you to this course!

Feedback from course participants:
A terrific and very helpful course.❤ It encouraged me to get to know God with greater commitment. 
A very helpful course, where interesting pieces of information can be exchanged with a kind e- Coach.
First of all, I’m pleased that I could meet you and that you devoted so much time to me.

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