How to read the Bible?

Individual course
Course duration - around 30 minutes
12 students
Bible doesn't have to be difficult. It was written so that everybody can use it and benefit from it. Learn how to unpack it's treasures.

The Bible is a fascinating book. Why is reading it so difficult?

Have you tried to read the Bible, but to little effect? Have you been hindered by its difficult vocabulary, archaic language and the stories described there have seemed to have nothing to do with real life?

The course “How to read the Bible?” is perfect for you! It introduces a method of reading and studying the Bible. Using three steps: observation, interpretation and application, it will help you discover Bible’s precious treasures. Why don’t you give it a try?

The Bible does not have to be distant and difficult to understand. It was intended for everyone and everyone can use it. Learn how to explore its amazing content.