How to talk about God

How to talk about God

23 students
Individual course with coach
90 days
Practical and helpful
With Senior Training Coach
Learn to navigate friendly conversations that help others develop a personal relationship with God.

Would you like to talk about God naturally to help others understand the message about Jesus and lead them to develop a personal relationship with Him? This course will give you a new perspective on conversations. It will equip you to recognize where another person is on their spiritual journey and guide them towards accepting Jesus as Lord.

You will learn to ask questions, create contemporary parables and, most importantly, to use the Bible wisely and in the way appropriate to the person you are in dialogue with.

During the course you will be accompanied by an experienced Senior Training Coach who will help you take the next step in leading friendly, natural conversations about God with people online and offline.

Are you ready to learn this crucial skill? See you in training!