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Their Burdens, Our Burdens?

<i>I will rescue you…declares the Lord; you will not be given into the hands of those you fear.&nbsp;</i>

<i>Jeremiah 39:17 NIV</i>

Some of us carry burdens that we cannot slough off. The reasons are manifold and complex. That means that those caught up in a burden suffer in ways beyond counting.  Those weights and worries bring on the scourges of our age such as depression, obesity, and loneliness, to name only a few.

So often we believers judge or belittle those ‘others’ trudging through life weighed down by abuse, addictions, and fears, both real or remembered…

“Why can’t they just get over it?” we ask ourselves.

That is like asking an alcoholic, drug addict, or smoker to stop. These things have a physical and psychological hold on the lives of these sufferers, so the learned teach us.

Why don’t we quit eating the junk food we indulge in or avoid the films we shouldn’t watch? You get the picture.  It is not so simple even for people carrying little of such loads. Walking a mile in their shoes would reveal much more. So the Indian saying goes. But this we cannot do. Only empathy allows us to imagine what it is like.

Best of all, we can be there for them.

This writer has seen our Christian friends stand with our daughter in her troubles over many years. These sisters in Christ have given of their time and love when she has needed it most and in ways we, her own parents could not. They have made the difference in her attitude toward faith and believers. They have supported by their words and deeds the gospel message that has been shared with her. We are grateful beyond words for their loving, on-going support. Our daughter is so much closer to finding release than she has ever been.

We know how much this can mean for a burdened one-- a first hand, up close witness of the difference loving hearts and prayers can make.

What can we believers do? We can lift sufferers in prayer to the God Who is There, first and foremost, and, when possible, we can share His love and His promised rescue for all who come to Him in spirit and truth. We can get them to professionals who might aid in their return from the pit of despair. And we can listen. So little, and so much.

Calling all those with the gift of encouragement!

Are you willing to lift such a burdened friend or family member? Do you believe Christ can use you? Can you become the listening ear and helping hand in a friend’s dark days? Can you spare a good word, a timely deed of love, even a smile, and a prayer?

Christ can rescue those overloaded with care from the burdens they cannot yet leave behind.

Let’s help these sufferers, with time, to shift that heavy weight of theirs onto HIM, onto the cross of Jesus-- He who loves us amid the darkness. He who brings all our burdens to the Kingdom of light via the cross.

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 A transplanted Texan with more years in Poland than in the USA.
A retired teacher of English as a foreign language, she loves classical music, hiking in nature, reading, and writing.
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