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How to deal with anxiety?

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How to deal with anxiety?
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Many people today live in fear due to war or the bad economic situation. Earlier, we had to face a pandemic, something that fell on us all out of the blue.
Fear increasingly drains our strength and deprives us of peace and joy in life. People around us are ever more worried about their future, safety, health, employment and finances.

And how are you dealing with all this? Are you afraid of something? Maybe you yourself feel plagued by a strong sense of doom? Or maybe you know someone who is in a panic and you would like to help that person?

We invite you to a course that will help you face fear and anxiety and find tips on how to deal with these difficult emotions. Find a way to true peace.

See what people who have completed the course have written:

I will approach anxiety more consciously when I talk about it with others. I will not spread unconfirmed ‘fake news’ either.


This is not a radical change, but I intend to apply the advice given in this course when anxiety arises, and above all, how to recognize its source, and deal with it.


I want to reject all my negative thoughts and trust God in everything, remembering that He is always in control of every situation.


Course content

Hello :)
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1. About fear and anxiety
What is fear?
What is anxiety?
Anxiety symptoms
The most common causes of stress
The influence of thoughts on the feeling of fear
Facts or opinions
2. How to deal with anxiety?
What can you do yourself?
Fear and loneliness
Be with others
Write down what you feel
Anxiety and the body
How to function?
Redirecting attention
Everything has its time
An expression of fear
What about when you have a panic attack?
And when you're always afraid?
More gratitude, less fear
What we say matters
"Three sieves"…
By helping others, you help yourself!
Professional external help
Worth considering
3. Source of peace
What gives you a sense of security?
Who can give peace?
Do you remember what Jesus said?
The Source and Giver of Peace
How to have such peace?
What to do in practice?
Perhaps now
What's next?
Want to talk about it?
Tell others :-)
What does Jesus say about fear?
What else does the Bible say about fear?
Prayer with psalms
The Lord is my shepherd - Psalm 23
Under the cover of the Most High - Psalm 91
God watches over us - Psalm 121
Old Testament passages (1)
Old Testament passages (2)
New Testament passages

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