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We, of the Symbiosis… Faith in Motion

Rhonda Krol
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The dawn would soon come. It was quiet here. Lighter. Down below Jesus could see the darkness clinging like smoke over the village. He needed time with his Father.


“Yes, Father, it was unavoidable, the skirmishes with Darkness ebb and flow around us. My followers will be caught up in the spiritual eddies. Best they see it for what it is.”


“Thank you, your protection to my followers covers them.” Then he reflected on the time of sharing the night before.

“You saw the joy of the villagers released from their pain, handicaps, and dark demonic parasites. No doubt they and my followers will want more. The craving for gratification has begun...”


“Moving on is best. There is so little time. I’ll return here later,” he replied.

“Father. Explain to me. How to balance supply and demand from within? The poor and even my followers are unable to deny themselves fullness — craving it, and fearing lack, like the starving beggars, they long for daily bread; they loathe moving out of their comfort zones. Can they not await your provision while moving out to serve, trusting you to provide by faith?”

Jesus himself drew upon that great Source as the pink-streaked sky turned to gold in the east. As he awaited the answer, doves took flight. The first farmers left their homes to begin their work.


“Faith, once again, faith. The steps made in faith themselves sustain. I’ll need to send them out on their own sooner than later,” he realized.

The smell of freshly baked bread wafted from the nearest homes. His stomach growled its response. He laughed. “Speaking of craving. Indeed!”

Looking back at the village, he saw his followers coming for him, hoping to convince him to stay. 'Why not?' they surely asked themselves.  Simon’s mother longed to serve them now that she was healthy once more. Others there needed his healing touch. But he perceived more need in the neighboring villages ahead.

“They have seen the needs met of their own family and neighbors in this place; they still haven’t grasped that new family and neighbors inhabit those distant roads.”


“One day they will even know those strangers as family.” The smile came unbidden. “My family…”

His followers were visible now. John shouted out, “Master, everyone is looking for you…”

He smiled, then called out, “Everyone? Then let us go elsewhere so I can preach to those looking for me,” he called out, his spirit re-filled. “That is why I have come,” he answered, meeting them on the path. He saw a few heads fall, the heavy sighs, but their quickened steps reappeared feeling the excitement, mirroring his own.

“Yes, Rabbi…” several of them murmured. Others had better known their master and took bread from their packs and passed it to Jesus and their newer co-workers.


Once again, it comes down to faith, this time mine. Father, the time you have allotted me and its outcome this day is yours. Lead on.” he prayed as they gathered.

His followers, munching their breakfast, walked on with him to find newer neighbors to heal, serve, and proclaim the kingdom to...

It is just as my children will serve, some fine future day in thousands of other places and times,” he added to his father.

We are one, even now,” he thought in joy, knowing the even greater joy of that great Spirit leaping ahead, and the children-in-waiting, who shared the journeys’ end.

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