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My Plans versus His Plans for My Life

Rhonda Krol
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A little-known fact of faith for anyone not invested in Christ is the abundant life that God gives his spiritual offspring. The image of the ice cream cones exemplifies that!

Actually, NOT believing in Christ for salvation, thus new life, can be the most limiting thing you can do, not the most liberating. It is even called slavery in God’s word. Why is this?

The liberty in life some associate with no faith often gives rise to personal suffering. The addictions, those troubles that plague when living ‘my way’ can end up causing more grief in life than glory. Slavery indeed! That is the most obvious, drastic example. Even being unwilling to forgive or seek another's welfare, not just one's own, can spell disaster in life as many discover to their sorrow only afterward.

So how are believers free?  What do we gain in life?  Here are some things that come to mind.

But first, remember that God tests what is in his children. His testing runs various courses, which are not always pleasant. The fact that life does not become a bed of roses as a believer turns some off. Not many will talk about this.

But one fact becomes apparent to any who have been touched by God's love. We learn a lot through those tests! So many seekers talk about what they gained after the fact. That knowledge creates a new self-awareness and even greater ‘God-awareness.’

When the testing turns out to be a trial, full of the stuff no one likes going through, believers discover more -- a new awareness of the presence of God that nothing can substitute. Troubles and trials come to one and all anyway. Why not find the silver lining 'beyond' that storm cloud?

An illness I am presently going through is a case in point. Not the pain but the limitations are the trial, and it is not ever going away but needs periodic hospital procedures and transfusions. Watching how God has helped me find treatment and deal with the symptoms has brought me closer to him, depending more on His wisdom and care, not to mention the prayers of many that brought me through. Really! And that is only the latest example. I can testify that life has been full of such… and I am not the only one by any means.

Now for the good stuff!

Finding a fulfilling purpose for life, and watching God’s work of genius in others, not to mention in ourselves, is high up there in faith perks. The rich scoop on our cone metaphor satisfies what some of us long for most.

Watching terminal, diseased, and hopeless lives can depress but when in Christ,  they become instrumental, often turning others to seek God themselves.  This very fact has been an amazing joy for me within my own family. Most believers who have dwelt long in the Lord know such dear folk. They become a story in themselves of perseverance and joy in suffering. Then, having observed their lives, some skeptics come to trust in God because of them. My own father’s impending death led to my brother’s salvation, who was living waaaaaaay out in life's left field.  But that is another story!

Having a safe and positive environment to thrive in with other believers in a supportive atmosphere is for many a plus that many privileged Christians take for granted. Not all, unfortunately, have such a good fellowship nearby, this is a painful reality, but for those who find such a gathering, it is a buoy in life's storms.

Why?  The world has a diametrically different system of values that people of faith find burdensome. Raising children in such times, most especially, requires a safe family haven, a church haven, and above all, the spiritual haven of the God Who Is There!

Having a Biblical guideline for successful living, which is what God’s word gives us, is a godsend, literally! The standards outlined for godly living have brought hard work, honesty, care for others, and such to be known in non-Christian circles as a strong ‘work ethic.’ These are Biblical values, for those of you who do not know, and a by-product of life for those who do.

The “peace that passes understanding” promised to believers is not to be lightly taken. In an age of anxiety, how many would greatly desire to know that peace? So many seek peace when their lives are rife with anxiety.

The knowledge of God includes a multitude of advantages beyond these. How not know joy and love when we are privileged to know the living God? That Biblical background gives us direction in seeking HIM and knowing how to please the God of love! Then there is sharing this joy with others!

These are only a few benefits and the side effects of being in Christ. Most vital is receiving the gift of grace.  This gift brings us forgiveness, a new start, and          000000 peace with God. It allows for our adoption into the family of God, and life with the heavenly Father.  That is what grace gives!

If you want life, true life with ‘more,’ do not fear to seek God and the liberty of faith that He bestows. In Him is freedom.

"It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery."    Galatians 5:1

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