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How to cope with pain?

Meet Joni and learn how to deal with pain. From now on, you no longer have to grapple with it on your own! "Don't believe the lie that you're alone in this... Because you are not alone! Find that special person you can share your pain with." Joni Eareckson-Tada

How to cope with pain?
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It may seem strange the range of places pain can lead us. Actually, maybe not the pain itself, but the driving need to answer questions of how to deal with it or get rid of it.

In the course "How to cope with pain?" Joni Eareckson-Tada shares her life experience with you. You will meet a person who has been living with pain for many years, and yet is full of peace and able to look to the future with confidence.  You’ll be inspired to look at your difficult situation from a different perspective. 

You will have the chance to put all your suffering into the right hands.

Remember: There is always hope that goes beyond suffering!

Course content

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1. Let's get to know each other!
Pain in my life
How is it with you?
2. Who will understand?
He understands!
3. What do I need?
Peace and courage
4. How to cope?
Get going!
What to focus on?
The good points of life
Jesus is hope!
5. You are not alone!
Look around!
The road to victory
Live in Truth
Look around
Get started
Look to the future
Why Jesus?
Move on!
What do you think?
Tell others :-)
Much more!

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