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Can You Sleep Soundly?

Rhonda Krol
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Sleep problems? You are not alone. Sometimes the stress gets us, and other times, we worry.  It keeps us on edge and our eyes open.   

Physical ailments are understandable but what goes on in our heads? How do you quiet that?

Some ask, “Who will be good to us?” or another translation, “Who will bring us prosperity?”

So continues Psalm 4, after a cry for release from distress, a cry for help.  Someone who knows the stress of an oppressive environment finally seeks help. This Psalmist knows the answer, he remembers…

“Let your kindness, Lord, shine brightly on us. You brought me more happiness than a rich harvest of grain and grapes. I can lie down and sleep soundly because you, Lord, will keep me safe.”    Psalm 4:6-8

Are you one of such people needing peaceful sleep? There is a relationship that brings peace! His kindness, His care. And that peace brings safety even during trials. As a loving parent looks on his sleeping children, so is the Heavenly Father!

Those who trust in Him know HE is watching over us and loving us, waking or sleeping!  And that brings great happiness and a good night’s sleep when we lay it all at His feet...

‘Growing in Knowing God’ is a course unpacking this ‘Who will be good to us?’ Come and see!

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