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We, of the Symbiosis...Stilling Waves, Building Faith

Rhonda Krol
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His eyelids were heavy, his back aching. The long lessons at the gathering had dragged on into even longer healing sessions. The dark spiritual parasites were forced from many.  Jesus felt the drain on his strength — so many needy folks. It was time to withdraw and recharge.

“Let us go over to the other side of the lake,” he said to his followers, seeing the boats nearby. His followers glanced up at the darkening sky but readied the little boats anyway and shoved off.

The rest will be short, I see. Their rest even shorter,” he shared with his heavenly father, looking up at the gathering clouds.

No matter. His father had equipped all flesh with an uncanny ability to sleep in all matter of places and conditions. They would waken him when ready.

The followers were bleary-eyed. What a day! The wonders they had watched their master perform, there were more healings, more inexplicable teaching points to mull over, and no time to do it with the crowds. Seeds bearing fruit, or not, lamps-- He had explained but they had not taken it all to heart yet.  Each relished finding a quiet time apart.

Their thoughts were set loose. Finally, they could be useful. Several were fishermen, after all. They could do what they knew best.  Sail.

With so many sea dogs aboard, the ensuing panic was as unexpected as the violence of the storm which flailed their little vessels.

“We are taking on water!” one shouted to his mate as the craft crested again. The last wave had drenched them both. The Sea of Galilee was notorious for these storms situated as it was so close to the mountains, threatening killer winds and waves.

Bailing water as they might, still, the waves crashed over them all the more. One of the little boats struggling to keep up was almost swamped despite Simon in command. The thunderclaps reverberated as if the rain and winds were not enough. They pulled at the oars only just managing to keep the boats afloat. The vessels were at the brink…

Meanwhile, their master slept in the stern of the largest vessel. Finally, one of his non-sailor boatmates nudged their teacher.

“Master, do you not care that we are perishing?” the panicked voice cried out. He was also at the brink…


He woke. “They have done all they can, and failed. They’re finally ready,” he told his father, yawning.

He carefully stood with his right arm extended to heaven, “Quiet!” he rebuked the wind in a voice none of his followers had ever heard him use. Then, dropping his hand to the waves, as if addressing his crowds, “Peace, be still!” he added.

The sudden calm of both left the men’s ears ringing. Only the calm lapping of the water on the boat hull remained of the roar. They continued to bail water, covering the fear that caused their hands to tremble at this newest revelation. On each man’s face was written the shock of it as they gaped at each other, relieved but realizing the unimaginable.

Then their teacher faced the followers with their fear, “Why are you so afraid?” Then, in the stillness, to all the boats as they drew nearer. “Do you still have no faith?” his voice rung on in the retreating darkness.


Yes, their definition of who I am and of faith was shattered,” he prayed to the father. “They are at the end of themselves at long last. Finally, they have glimpsed their inability to cope,”  he added. Father and son noted the result. “That awe will drive the new seed of faith deep into their hearts.”

The followers, on the other hand, were having their own conversations, “Who is this?” one ventured, still shaking. “Even the wind and waves obey him!” another whispered to his brother, looking anywhere but at Jesus.


At last they understand how little they believed. Now the roots of their faith in me will grow deep, in the good soil within, not on their expectations of me or my mission,” he shared with his father as they reached the shore.


That too. The greater storms await them.”

Image found  Photo by Katie Moum on Unsplash

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