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Rhonda Krol
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What is one thing that has led me to a stronger faith and an overflowing heart of thankfulness? 

How to Grow a Healthy Faith is one of our growth courses.  I get to accompany our students as they learn and so have gained from their insight and experience. 

Are the words from Colossians in the above image your words?  They were there all along in my Bible, but I was distracted by life.  They were in the words of Paul, in the print of my Bible, but not in my own.

These are now my words, and oh, what a difference that makes.  They were lived out in many around me, and are now reviving in mine, taking root, pushing up through my distraction and lack of diligence in my search for HIM.

Deeper roots!  Our students discover so much, and so do I, as an E-coach, when listening and encouraging!  Come join us and find God’s word rooted in you, in your life as it has taken root in mine!

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 A transplanted Texan with more years in Poland than in the USA.
A retired teacher of English as a foreign language, she loves classical music, hiking in nature, reading, and writing.
She is married to her marvelous husband, Adam, and loves their two children, with two rambunctious toddler grandchildren completing the joy of family.
God has given her countless opportunities to see His goodness through the years together with the challenges life has brought. Those lessons are the subject of her writing.Show less

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