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Take Off Your Shoes!

Take off your shoes!... the place where you are standing is holy ground.

Exodus 3:5

What a privilege we have to come to God!

Reading through A.W. Tozer’s, Attributes of God- A Journey Into the Father’s Heart, I have realized that believers, myself included, have gravitated to a minuscule picture of who God is. So that means we do not worship Him as He deserves.

We have molded the God of all love, the Creator of infinite power into our decidedly puny, human image.

And it shows! How do we treat him? We pray and expect him to be at our beck and call to fulfill our dreams and rubber-stamp our requests. Think about it. We treat him like a mother who ‘must’ take care of her whining infant.

It took pastor Tozer two volumes to scratch the surface of some of those attributes and bring them home to my heart.

It gave me goosebumps.

Eternal, All-powerful, Timeless, and on and on it goes. HE IS. That is His name. HE IS in Jesus. HE IS in the Spirit. Naturally, we cannot comprehend much of Who He is but as we give him time, meditating on these things, we can learn much. And fall to our knees in wonder!

One of the immediate takeaways I gleaned was His BEING grace, goodness, and justice. His character is perfect and all these attributes work together in harmony, so unlike our concepts of them.

So His grace has been there from the beginning,            (But Noah found favor and grace in the eyes of the Lord. Genesis 6:8),

...all through the Old Testament failures of the Hebrews,   

(But now for a brief moment grace has been [shown to us] from the Lord our God, who has left us a surviving remnant… Ezra 9:8),

...and down to all generations of the body of Christ.

His hand of grace is extended still, to all who will come. Our saved lives are the fruit of His perfection expressing Himself in Christ and His sacrifice on behalf of humanity. His ever-present Holy Spirit works that grace within us daily.

The bottom line? Let us come to Him as Moses did. Off with all that has been soiled by this world and contact with it!

Praise the Holy One who lifts us to such lofty places! Rejoice in the privilege of knowing the Holy One of Heaven!

Art by Melani Pyke, found on Pinterest 

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