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E-Coach Training Panel

Connect with people and inspire them to walk with Jesus

E-Coach Training Panel
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Course description

Are you a Christian, a believer in Jesus Christ, rescued by His grace through faith?

Do you desire to grow in obeying and serving Him, by making the Good News of God’s love known to others?

By becoming an e-coach you can connect with seekers, point them to Jesus through one-to-one Bible study courses.

In preparation, first enroll for the ‘Discover Jesus’ course, one that a newcomer experiences, in order to ‘sample’ the website, get a first-hand experience of what a seeker comes across.

Then, prayerfully, enroll in the ‘E-Coach Training Panel’, in order to get to know what is involved, and hopefully, start the first of the following 5 modules:

  • Discover Jesus – which would be accredited to you, as you already would have done it
  • Question-Driven Coaching
  • Online Communication Basics
  • Personal Conversation training
  • Discover Jesus Training – a role-playing exercise with an experienced e-coach

Throughout, you can ask any questions, take things in your own time (no set meeting times!), at your own pace. If, at the end of the process, you would like to get involved in serving seekers through GYL, you would have the great joy of accompanying people as they discover the truth and love of God.

The process equips not only for serving on-line, but is very helpful in personal growth in the Lord and in sharing the Gospel in daily life, with people around us.

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Course content

Good to see you!
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Let’s get to know each other better
In order to remind
Stage 1 Take part in the „Discover Jesus”
Let’s sum up the “Discover Jesus”
Stage 2 Take part in the „Question-Driven-Coaching” and further training courses
Stage 3 Conclusions
Get involved!

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