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Reflecting Him

Rhonda Krol
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The unfolding of your words gives light; it gives understanding to the simple. 

Psalm 119:130

If you have ever seen the sunshine on a body of water on a clear day, you know that light can be more glaring than we can bear.  And it is a thing of beauty, as portrayed in this beautiful watercolor.

The spiritual context?  Reflecting His light is enough!

We all need his light!  As the Psalmist says, we simpletons seek truth and find understanding in his word unfolding in our lives. That leads to wanting to share that light if we have truly known the God of the Bible for ourselves.

The glory of reflecting his light to one and all becomes our heart’s desire, and it is his will for each of his children. As we exude his light, others see it in our changed faces, words, and deeds. It is as natural as breathing. We become different; that difference, the strange character, language, and past times make waves on the water, intriguing waves, or at least ripples!

“What changed him?” the uninformed think.

Discovering that the friend he thought he knew has a newly found faith in God puts the puzzle pieces in place and sets them to observe even more intently.

“Is he truly reformed or just caught religion?” the next question.

Time passes. Now the questions for us who believe:

What does his new life reveal to those in our lives? Are we revealing what we received, letting it shine in all its glory through us? Do we share when natural opportunities arise?

These questions have always been a problem for me.  I often tried to cover that light rather than put it up where all could see. Missed opportunities passed me by.  These are the regrets that I and many of us believers must repent of.  But it is not too late! The light filtering through our lives and words can break forth and penetrate the darkness, ours first.  Even now,  He knows our desire to shine for him and all the fears that hold us back!  We aren't the only ones wanting change.

Many around us do. Any politician can tell you that. Seriously speaking though, many would love to have a new start, a new reality for themselves, but they do not know how or where to look. They see you living a new life and the sparks ignite within.

When the Holy Spirit tells us the time is right, we have the right and privilege to fully share. We have proven that HE can change our lives. Now those hearts are prepared to listen, and perhaps to find the light for themselves.

Reflect His light! Others will notice!

Watercolor by Igor Dubovoy at and Pinterest.

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