Growth meetings

Growth meetings

8 students
Group course with coach
500 days
Group meetings
Join to get to know God with others !


Do you want to know God more and more, experiencing His closeness and guidance?

Do you want to please Him in everything? 

Do you want to grow and discover God's plan for your life? 

Then we invite you to join like-minded believers to meet together for an adventure of transformation and development toward maturity in Christ. 

Goals for Growth Meetings:

 1. To help each other cultivate our own relationship with God and to build a fellowship of believers based on God's love and peace. 

2. To engage in knowing the God of the Word, the Bible, so that it will shape our beliefs. 

3. To conform our own character to Christ‘s by making every effort toward personal development and transformation. 

4. To recognize your vocation, spiritual endowment, and talents in order to serve God and others -- in our families, community of believers, school or work, and society. 

5. To be good stewards of the time, resources, and financial resources entrusted to us by God, so that our lives may glorify Him and testify of our belonging to Christ.

We cordially invite you 😊

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