How to deal with depression?
How to deal with depression?

How to deal with depression?

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232 students
Individual course
31 days
Duration: 5 days
Inspirational videos
Based on true stories
Real life tips
"Don't be ashamed of struggling with depression. We know how you feel and we're here to help. True freedom and happiness are possible!" Joni and Shauna

Learn about Joni and Shauna's life – find out how they fell into depression and most importantly, how they managed to overcome it.

In the course you will also find

  • information about professional support,
  • the opportunity to talk to another person,
  •  personal encouragement to take the first step
  •  how God is interested in your life.

Get inspired to change and take concrete steps in the fight you're waging.  See for yourself that help is at your fingertips. Experience the change you crave so much!


See what students wrote to Joni and Shauna after completing the course:
"Hey, you're great.  Next to yours, my problems look pathetic.  I am ashamed now that I worried about such trifles.  I saw the causes of my depression from a different perspective. Thank you"
"Hi, quite by accident I came across this course at the moment of a minor breakdown... I was really getting worse, but thanks to you, I know that I am a strong person, and that God sees me! You guys are great! Thank you ;-)"
"You are a strong role model for me to fight against my weaknesses, and examples which I can strengthen others with, those who give up carrying their daily cross."
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