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Water is moved by everything around, under, or over it-- storms, the moon's pull, a child's splash. So are we! The repercussions of life lift or pull at us, our emotions surging up and down. One day we ride the waves, the next we are plunged into the deep without a tank of air!

But something is perplexing in those depths.

Our lowest point in life can become the highest -- a profound catalyst for change. There are numerous stories of just this phenomenon.

The paradox of dark becoming light and depths lifting us has greater meaning... Jesus called his crucifixion a lifting up, as hard as it is to believe!  How are the depths of suffering and sacrifice called a lifting?

His being lifted upon that cross we know from what happened during the crucifixion. But something else was going on there, He was spiritually lifted up so that all could come, for those who see and believe.

That lifting was what brought the world healing and new life. Such ‘lifting’ came up earlier in the Bible as well. John referred to it:

         “Just as Moses lifted up the snake in the wilderness, so the Son of Man must be lifted up." John 3:14.  You can read the account of the bronze snake in Numbers 21:4-8.

Why was Jesus lifted up? He tells us himself:

“...that everyone who believes may have eternal life in him.” John 3:15.

Just looking at that snake in the wilderness brought healing. Looking to the cross, and He who died for us can bring life as we trust in Him!  Again, Jesus said it best:

“If I am lifted up above the earth, I will make everyone want to come to me.”    John 12:32.   

photo: sas.org.uk

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 A transplanted Texan with more years in Poland than in the USA.
A retired teacher of English as a foreign language, she loves classical music, hiking in nature, reading, and writing.
She is married to her marvelous husband, Adam, and loves their two children, with two rambunctious toddler grandchildren completing the joy of family.
God has given her countless opportunities to see His goodness through the years together with the challenges life has brought. Those lessons are the subject of her writing.Show less

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