About us

We are a community of Christians that is based on relationships. Its centre is Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour, the only intermediary between God and people, the Head of the Church. Our convictions are based on the Bible. We want God to shape our lives and lead us through His Holy Spirit. In all of this, we want to be sensitive for one another and remember that everyone is on his/her own stage on the spiritual journey into maturity in Christ. We belong to various local churches of different Christian denominations.

Our goal is to reach online as many people as possible and invite them on the journey:

  • to learn the message about Jesus,
  • to give their lives to Jesus,
  • to grow into maturity in Christ.
  • to help people find their place in a local community of Christians.

Our main strategy is „From online seekers to offline disciples of Jesus in local church” and is based on individual correspondence and group meetings, following “Question-driven coaching” model. We focus on intentional discipleship and multiplication process. Read more about our value ...

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