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Values and Rules of E-coach Ministry  platform


  1. Only Jesus – Jesus is the only Lord, Savior and Mediator between God and people.
  2.  Bible as the foundation of our convictions.
  3.  Love towards God and people.
  4.  Focus on people whom we help to come to God and grow in Jesus.
  5.  Focus on discipleship and helping people to find their place in the local churches with biblical teaching.
  6.  Focus on multiplication in ministry.
  7.  Avoiding topics that cause controversy among Christians and striving towards keeping unity and peace (it is a non-denominational movement, participants come from various Christian communities).
  8.  Transparency of life and ministry.
  9.  Responsibility and humbleness.
  10.  Innovation and development.

Rules of the E-coach Ministry

  1. We desire to approach people in the attitude of genuine love, gentleness, patience, and unity in the Holy Spirit, pointing towards the person of Jesus as the only Lord and Savior and to make each contact with them a means of bringing them closer to the Savior.
  2. We focus our service on topics related to developing a personal relationship with God based on the Scriptures.
  3. We desire that every person who has turned from his sins, and considered Jesus as his Savior and Lord, will grow in his bond with God,
    • Reading, studying and applying God's Word;
    • Nurturing personal prayer time;
    • Relying on the power of the Holy Spirit, not on personal efforts or feelings;
    • Confessing his/her own sins, becoming like Christ and introducing the principles of the Scriptures into life.
  4. Our desire is that every person who has been assigned to us would join a course or a series of evangelistic meetings led by a local group of Christians. As a consequence of this, every person would find a place in a local group, or church community which is determined to live up to the biblical principles.
  5. All correspondence with the participants is treated as confidential and not shared outside the systems of platform without permission.
  6. The E-coach does not want to tether project participants to himself, and he never initiates a personal contact outside the Internet, with the exception of those having suicidal thoughts, or who want to get on some type of course or series of meetings conducted by Christians. We run the correspondence only with persons of the same sex.
  7. We avoid polemics and discussion on any topics that are not related to the content and objectives of the platform, in particular, the topics that cause controversy among Christians, such as baptism, the Lord's Supper, revelations, etc. The best place for explaining such issues is the local church to which the converted person would belongs.
  8. We do not discuss political topics.
  9. We pray for the participants and for each other, as a team of e-coaches.
  10. We solve any possible ambiguities and conflicts in the attitude of love and honesty within the platform.