As a Polish 'Looking For God' ministry ( we would like to share ideas and resources God gave us over the last few years. We have translated training program for E-coaches used in Poland and made it available here.

What you should know?

  • A candidate for an E-coach needs to present references and accept our rules
  • A candidate is accompanied and led by ‘Mentor E-coach’
  • At the end a candidate is evaluated by Mentor E-coach, the Training Coordinator and the Platform Coordinator
  • The majority of Polish training process was developed in Poland
  • All courses and hands-on training are done in this Learning Platform
  • Our E-coach training prepares you to serve as an E-coach in 'Discover Jesus' and 'Personal Conversation' courses

The E-Coach training process consists of five training courses:

  • Discover Jesus
  • Question Driven Coaching
  • Online Communication Basics
  • 'Personal Conversation' Training
  • 'Discover Jesus' Training